Gender: An Universal Language

Exhibition takes place from 02/06/2017 – 23/06/2017 during regular opening hours at Expoplu



Julius Thissen, GRIDIRON (2016), Film (08:17), Performed at Showroom MAMA


In the exhibition Gender: A Universal Language five young artists will present work surrounding the notion of gender. Previously the term ‘gender’ only was used to describe transgender identities, however more and more there is a shared consciousness that gender also implies and embodies a more general aspect of human life. In contrast to past times in which many spoke in terms of sex, now the notion of gender is being used, that besides biological aspects also includes a cultural dimension of identity. The ideas about gender are heavily in transition in a time where identity is central. In Gender: A Universal Language the artists all reflect in their own manner on this notion of gender and in sense could be a grasps out of the diversity of gender.



Julius Thissen / A Received Notion Of Masculinity / 2015


Julius Thissen (1993, NL)

Julius Thissen is a visual artist and gender activist. After receiving his BA Fine Art at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem in 2015, Julius has produced multi-disciplinary works that include photographs, videos, sculptures and installations. Julius’ main themes are the questioning of (gender)identity and diversity in society. By the use of masculine stereotypes he explores gender roles and the influence of social expectations on our behavior. Not only is he interested in the identity of the other, his work also functions as a way to explore his own: his graduation project gave him the confidence to come out as a transgender man. Next to his work as an artist he is also active as a member of the LGBT rights federation COC.


Expositie curated by Youri Appelo