Collective Chemistry #4




Curator: Sjors Bindels

Participants: ArtEZ students from the tutor-group of Alicia Framis


Collective Chemistry 4 is a transactional project, resulting from a collaboration between the Expoplu and students that currently are part of the performance tutor group from the Fine Art Department of ArtEZ Arnhem. Collective Chemistry 4 is a continuation on previous exhibitions in which works of the tutor group were presented. The performance tutor group is led by performance artist Alicia Framis (ES).


Last year Collective Chemistry #3 took place at the ruru huis, in context of the Sonsbeek ’16: transACTION, and was curated by Youri Appelo. Collective Chemistry #3 was split up in two nights, because the space was not able to facilitate all the students, however for Collective Chemistry #4 all the students will be performing and presenting their work on one evening. Also this new edition will be curated by Sjors Bindels!